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  Click & Drag [ Game ] :: Overwatch Edition

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Bex Ann

Bex Ann

Leo Rat
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PostSubject: Click & Drag [ Game ] :: Overwatch Edition    15/6/2017, 12:38 am

Click & Drag 3: Tokyo Drift! Sorta! In my many wanderings around tumblr I stumbled upon another click & drag game for us all to enjoy~! Simply click and drag or take a screen shot to find your destiny~!



For example I got:
Best Friend: Tracer
Mentor: Roadhog
Partner: Bastion
In Love With: McCree
Is In Love With You: Junkrat
First Kiss: Mei
Hates You: Hanzo (the edgy brother of course)
Wants You Dead: Mercy (tfw the healer hates you)
Dies Saving You: Zarya (NO)

Have fun ya'll!
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Libra Rat
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PostSubject: Re: Click & Drag [ Game ] :: Overwatch Edition    17/6/2017, 4:02 pm

Okay... Here I go! Time to delve into another dangerous realm!

  • Best Friend ;; Junkrat
  • Mentor ;; Mei
  • Partner ;; Genji (Oh my god... All that talk of revenge I have to sit through...)
  • In Love With ;; Pharah
  • Is In Love With You ;; Symmetra
  • First Kiss ;; Junkrat (UM.)
  • Hates You ;; Reinhardt
  • Wants You Dead ;; Hanzo (I swear, Hanzo. It's nothing against you... Maybe.)
  • Dies Saving You ;; Lucio (NOOOOO. Who's going to drop the bass now?!)
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Click & Drag [ Game ] :: Overwatch Edition
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