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 Click & Drag [ Game ] :: Silent Hill Edition

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PostSubject: Click & Drag [ Game ] :: Silent Hill Edition   11/6/2017, 9:58 pm

Long ago in a place far, far away... A user once posted a forum game on an - WAIT A SECOND. This is familiar, isn't it? I'm your neighborhood Tink and today I have brought yet another Click and Drag game from a realm no longer active! I present to you... The Silent Hill Edition! It was discovered in the clutches of Tumblr's the moor's grasp by another brave soul! So, the credit goes to the warrior who survived the tides of Tumblr Silent Hill!

(And even though this user is no longer active, I fully give credit to them for finding such a wonderful game! Thank you very much, Rekka Pop!)

As explained by this user once ago and in a previous edition of 'Click & Drag', simply click and drag the image off the page, and it should reveal what frame the gif stopped on! Also, complete credit goes to the creator of this edition!



And that's how this goes! As an example, I got:

  • Reason for being in Silent Hill ;; Parents
  • Carrying Equipment ;; NONE
  • Your weapon of choice ;; Baseball Bat
  • Your traveling companion ;; NONE
  • Main Antagonist ;; Walter Sullivan
  • Misc. item currently in your inventory ;; First Aid

... I swear to you, I'm not this brave to go alone in SILENT HILL.
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Click & Drag [ Game ] :: Silent Hill Edition
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