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 ABC's with the writers! [ Forum Game ]

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ABC's with the writers! [ Forum Game ] Empty
PostSubject: ABC's with the writers! [ Forum Game ]   ABC's with the writers! [ Forum Game ] Empty9/6/2017, 9:23 pm

Welcome, welcome, oh neighborhood writers to yet another forum game! I am your neighborhood Tink, and today this is a game where you go through the alphabet by naming off a character that begins with a letter in order! Allow me to provide an example!


  • A is for Ashley Williams in Mass Effect.
  • B is for Belle in Beauty and the Beast.
  • C is for Curie from Fallout 4.

Easy, right? But my dear and fellow writers alike, there is... a catch! If you already name a character that somebody has named off, then you have to write something for that person about that character!

For example! Say [ Person A ] named off Yu Narukami from Persona 4! And another alphabet session later, I name off Yu Narukami again for the letter 'Y'. Then I have to give that person a short story/drabble about this specific character!

And now for the rules!

  1. No skipping letters!
  2. No double posting! Give others a chance to post a character!
  3. Have fun with it!


And now, I shall get this alphabet going!

A is for Alice from Alice In Wonderland!
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ABC's with the writers! [ Forum Game ]
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