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 My starry hill! [ Ver 1.5 Forum Game ]

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PostSubject: My starry hill! [ Ver 1.5 Forum Game ]   9/6/2017, 10:03 pm

Hello, hello, from your friendly neighborhood fairy! I'm here to bring you another forum game I'd like to call, "My starry hill"! The gist of this forum game is you basically write down a sentence consisting of whatever you feel like saying! It can be something silly, random, weird, quirky, punny, humorous, anything as long as it follows the forum guidelines! You can even post cute little gifs or icons on your posts if you'd like to help add expression to your starry hill!

One example can be:

  • I'm as happy as I can be right now on my starry hill!

Remember: No double posting, follow the rules, and have fun with it!

And that's all! Now, let's see how long this forum game can last, eh?


I'll start us off!

I may be tired and aching, but I'm doing the best I can on my starry hill!

* credit to maidofsalt on Tumblr!
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My starry hill! [ Ver 1.5 Forum Game ]
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