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 My Blood Type Is...! [ Forum Game ]

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My Blood Type Is...! [ Forum Game ] Empty
PostSubject: My Blood Type Is...! [ Forum Game ]   My Blood Type Is...! [ Forum Game ] Empty9/6/2017, 1:04 am

Guess who's popping in again? That's right! Tink here with another forum game for you! Now, the rules to this forum game are unique and yet simple! You simply start off with, "My blood type is...", and input whatever you'd like in afterwards.

But here's the catch!

You can put something creative afterwards relating to your blood type! Allow me to provide a few examples for you here!

  • My blood type is Belle. I'm living in a castle with a Beast.
  • My blood type is Sora. I'm on a journey to find my friends.
  • My blood type is Deemo. I play the piano to help find lost memories.
  • My blood type is Magikarp. I jump towards the sky to reach new heights!
  • My blood type is Garnet. I embody a stable relationship.

Remember though to follow the rules of the site! Now, go on and have some fun here! Let's see what all you creative, starry eyed writers can think up!
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My Blood Type Is...! [ Forum Game ]
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