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 Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ]

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PostSubject: Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ]   Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ] Empty8/6/2017, 9:59 pm

Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ] Fire_e10

* site used ;; DreamSelfy

Name :: Belle

Meaning :: "Belle" (also known as "beau") takes on the general meaning of "beautiful" or "lovely".

Gender :: Female

Age :: 22

Voice ::

Descendant of ??? :: Belle refuses to tell anyone whom she is the descendant of, for she carries an innate fear that once any individual knows what bloodline she hails from, how people view her would shift. She wishes for people to get to know her for who she truly is before sharing such valuable and personal information. Albeit, if one were to pay close enough attention to her appearance, she does strongly resemble the features of a certain hero that existed long ago...

Weapon Type :: Red Sword Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ] 20px-i10

Move Type :: Infantry Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ] 16px-i10

Weak Against :: Blue Lance Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ] 20px-i11

Personality :: Belle is a young woman who has been trained to fight with a sword since the day she was able to wield one. Her history has been kept tightly lipped and is very reserved about herself, preferring to dodge the subject regarding her lineage and family when possible. However, the reason for this is still unknown to all but her.

Belle is also not one to tread among the world casually on and off the battlefield. The woman tends to keep herself busy when possible, finding anything to do such as mundane tasks or simply slashing at training dummies. She is patient and quiet, tending to keep calm even in the most dire of circumstances, for she believes that there is always a way to fix every problem that crops up. This woman also quickly makes it known from the get-go that she believes in the motto of, "No one gets left behind".

Even in the face of danger, she would never leave a comrade behind to suffer a dire fate if it can be prevented. She is the type of warrior who will defend others on the front lines until the bitter end, even willing to sacrifice herself to buy others time. Feeling it is her duty and having been taught to always protect those beside her or behind her, Belle withholds not only a tradition in her family but a feeling and belief to want to protect those in the world that can't protect themselves. However, even she has her limits when it comes to how many times her buttons can be pushed.

Belle is a human being and can only handle so much at one period of time. Tending to push herself too far sometimes, she can collapse if there was no proper care in herself. Due to always keeping to herself and being reserved, she'll never let on if she's hurting or suffering on the inside. She believes it's a sign of weakness and will tend to keep her emotions bottled up inside, focusing on any situation present instead of herself be it big or small. The red haired maiden also has quite the amount of insecurities regarding herself, this being one of the reasons why she keeps herself busy most of the time in order to avoid the widowed thoughts that would occasionally crop up into the depths of her clouded mind.

However, once somebody breaks down the shell of Belle's exterior, she becomes a bit more timid and shy around a person. One would find that her facial expressions are a bit more expressive and open rather than sharp and serious. She would also smile much more than usual, albeit it would always be a smile of subtlety. As time would pass on, the maiden will make her feelings more known to the ones growing closer to her, eventually revealing the reason for why she was always so reserved and secretive about who she was as a person.

Support Route :: Belle's route is one that can be filled with a variety of differing emotions filled with tension or focus on the story depending on the person she is interacting with. As time passes and the person persists in talking to her daily, she will eventually begin to soften the wall she has built up around herself until it completely shatters without her own realization. It is after that state that Belle will realize that she has fallen for the individual she is speaking to after numerous situations and interactions.

It is at this point that the individual can choose to pursue a romantic route with her, and she would choose to be honest with her feelings and agree to the relationship. However, she is very inexperienced in the ways of romance and customs to it. She knows very little on how to do certain things, and she holds certain actions in high regard and trust such as kissing or holding her significant other's hand. She would be one to respectfully request to take things one step at a time and not go too fast, preferring to go at a steady pace as she learns to become used to the affection she would be experiencing.

Appearance :: Belle is of noble blood and descends from a line of heroes, her appearance carrying on the tradition from the very beginning of the bloodline. She dons blue themed robes that are quite familiar in regards to a certain red haired hero that lived long ago along with a cape. Not only that but Belle also wields this hero's brand of sword among carrying a similar, signature red hue as her root hair color. She is rather short and stands at a measly height of exactly 5' 0" while her weight is that of 93 lbs. Her skin is rather pale while her eyes are a dull shade of blue, her hair stretching down to her mid-back.

She chooses to wear outfits that would mostly be geared towards more professional appearances, her current one she wears into battle and casually. Despite it resembling the more masculine side of clothing in her current time period, Belle wears it proudly and comfortably as she much prefers it's design compared to the other feminine designs. She also wears a bandanna wrapped around her head everywhere she goes, the maiden never taking it off unless absolutely necessary. The woman considers it a sort of good luck charm and priceless treasure passed down through her family.

Theme ::
Summer Lights 夏影 Natsukage:

Quotes ::


  • "Yes?"
  • "I'm a bit busy at the moment but I'll make time for you."
  • "Someone long ago once said that they have faith in the goodness of humankind. I believe the same... I believe in you."
  • "We mustn't lose... There are people out there that need people like us."
  • "I'll always be here to help in any way I can."

Special Skill/Battle

  • "For the fallen!"
  • "Move or perish!"
  • "Let's go, my comrades!"
  • "I promise to protect you!"


[ A note from Tink ;; Due to the many, many existing titles for Fire Emblem currently, I decided it would be easiest to base this character sheet off of a similar fashion to how they show you stats on Fire Emblem: Heroes. I felt it would be the most general way to approach a character sheet for Fire Emblem itself, and the easiest way to make a general character for most settings for any Fire Emblem game in a roleplay. If you'd ever like to follow this format for the character sheet while making a Fire Emblem character, go right on ahead! ]


[center][img]Place Character Image here![/img]

[b][i]* site used ;; [url=Link of site used!][u]Site Name![/u][/url][/i][/b][/center]

[b]Name[/b] ::

[b]Meaning[/b] ::

[b]Gender[/b] ::

[b]Age[/b] ::

[b]Voice[/b] :: [spoiler="Name of Voice Actor/Actress / Character - Name of Game"]Insert Youtube video link here![/spoiler]

[b]Descendant of [i]???[/i][/b] :: Lineage or bloodline of any past hero!

[b]Weapon Type[/b] ::

[b]Move Type[/b] ::

[b]Weak Against[/b] ::

[b]Personality[/b] ::  

[b]Support Route[/b] ::

[b]Appearance[/b] ::

[b]Theme[/b] :: [spoiler="Song name here!"]Insert Youtube video link here![/spoiler]

[b]Quotes[/b] ::


[u][b]Special Skill/Battle[/b][/u]
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Fire Emblem :: Belle [ The Guardian ]
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