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 [ 01 ] It Is You I Have Loved [ Robin Hood ]

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[ 01 ] It Is You I Have Loved [ Robin Hood ] Empty
PostSubject: [ 01 ] It Is You I Have Loved [ Robin Hood ]   [ 01 ] It Is You I Have Loved [ Robin Hood ] Empty7/6/2017, 7:44 pm

[ 01 ] It Is You I Have Loved [ Robin Hood ] 0510

Last Night, Good Night : Holding your hand I lie next to you...

She had screamed his name, shouted through tears and through her pain when she saw him. That stupid man, 'Robin Hood'. He wasn't even the real one, the one who took up the same name, hoping to find justice for those crushed under their lords boot. Yet, this on would come to her clutching at his side, blood staining his clothing and the forest floor.

Her mind raced a mile per minute. What could she do? Could she manage to treat his wounds? She could hardly take care of herself in this era, relying solely on him to survive. Sylvia felt a coldness run through her, face surely paling at another thought.

What if he were to die?

It was this that finally compelled her to move, rushing toward him, begging and compelling him to sit down. 'Please,' she had said over and over again, 'Let me see it, let me help you.'

You've already done too much for me. Let me save you...

By the time she had finished arguing with him - a trial that took time and was far too taxing on her already stressed mind, the man called Robin Hood had lost consciousness. Without a constant argument, Sylvia was able to take her time,
carefully tending to a wound that she did not know she could heal.

All the while, her stomach churned. It sickened her, seeing his blood on her hands. Constantly, she fought tears that tried to well up in her eyes. She lost count of how many times she had to wipe them away with her forearm. What was more, she shook and shuttered, just barely keeping herself calm to help him. It was all she could do.

Help him, save him. That was the mantra she spoke over and over inside her own head.

Time seemed at a stand still yet, she knew hours had ticked away when she had finished. The wound had been deep, bloody, and surely painful. A part of her had been glad he had drifted off into the safety of unconsciousness. He wouldn't feel it, not for a while at least.

But it was only then did Sylvia allow herself some weakness. As she washed her hands of his blood, her shoulders began to shake and she choked on a sob. Tears rolled down her cheeks, wet and hot. Her lips soon tasted a hint of salt. Like many times prior, she did her best to wipe those tears away. Even so, the weight, the worry did not lift. She knew it likely wouldn't, not until he woke. Only when Sylvia was sure he was fine would she feel any remote relief.

Sylvia would wander back to his side. Look down at his face, he almost appeared peaceful. She took a little solace in that fact. At least he wasn't in anymore pain.

Slowly, she reached out and smoothed his hair. It was only after would she allow herself to lay beside him. Sylvia knew she would likely remain up all night, so why not remain near in case she was needed? Her hand would slip into his own. Fingers gently grasping his, Sylvia knew she wouldn't get a response. Yet, just the feeling of warm from his palm settled her.

"Oh Robin..." She muttered his name as if he could hear. A gentle raise and fall of his chest with each breath served as a momentary distraction. He would be fine...He had to be. "Please...Please wake up soon."

They are the only words Sylvia could mutter that night. She simply watched him in between light dozes. She could guard him as he had her for so many months. It was the least she was able to do yet, meant more to her than he would ever realize.
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[ 01 ] It Is You I Have Loved [ Robin Hood ]
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