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  ஐ Answers ஐ Seymour Guado ஐ

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PostSubject: ஐ Answers ஐ Seymour Guado ஐ    ஐ Answers ஐ Seymour Guado ஐ Empty13/6/2017, 9:55 pm

* Originally written on July 15th, 2012.
* Updated/Reworked on June 13th, 2017.
* Original title was:: ஐ Counseling ஐ Seymour Guado ஐ


 ஐ Answers ஐ Seymour Guado ஐ Seymour1copy

* image source ;; Gallades


A home untouched by modern society, hidden away within nature's beauty. The intricate doorways crafted into the wood of the trees, the makeshift homes within each wooden fortress that guarded them without fear... Such a place that was very spiritual and hidden within the confines of the world was to be admired. It was a place where Summoners traveled during their Pilgrimages, their Guardians following behind them to carry out their sworn duty. The home of the Guados of Spira carried significant historical importance, and was always left untouched by the hands of society.

However, there was an anomaly within the village that day.

A young woman who brushed along the village's ground kept her eyes glued in front of her, daring to not look at any other passing by that followed her movements. She was different from the resident Guados and was therefore attracting attention, quite rightfully so. A human within a village of a different race after an international incident had taken place was causing tension to stir, especially since this woman's face was somewhat familiar. Such a figure was friends with the very Summoner that was accused without question to have attacked Seymour Guado.

Even though she was invited her, she knew in reality that she was not welcome.

With tan fingers brushing away stray locks of her blond hair, the Al Bhed cleared her throat to help relieved her nerves. She had now stopped right in front of the door to a mansion towering over the village's entrance, knowing very well who was waiting within. [1] "Seymour Guado... Lnywo bcolrubydrel Kiytu... Fuhtanvim.”, Ike mumbled to herself before knocking at the door with a bit of her strength.

After a moment of waiting, a Guado that seemed to represent a female opened the door with a nod of her head. With an uneasy silence, the being had merely stepped aside upon inspecting the Al Bhed woman before she made her way in hesitantly. The blonde was stiff and tense, the reason for being called here unknown to even herself. All that was known was that this was an invitation that couldn't be ignored, otherwise she would be branded a traitor just like a certain Summoner with her fellow group. Her friends were out there in danger, and here she was fending off petty individuals for information on any knowledge of them or their whereabouts. It was all she could do after everything they had been through, and she was well aware of the dangers if the very man that invited her knew of their location.

It was an unknown shame to him Ike didn't know either.

As the female Guado disappeared up the intricately designed staircase, Ike released a hefty sigh to release her tense nerves. Bending over, the woman places her hands on her knees with a groan of dissatisfaction while fully registering the severity of her situation. "Thank you, oh great... whoever-you-are up there for my situation.", she said with sarcasm dripping in her tone. It was from the moment Ike straightened herself up and lifted her eyes up the ground did she release a scream. With her knee bending up and her body twisting to her side, her eyes widened as she jolted in one swift motion at the sight before her.

It was Seymour.

How did she not hear him?

"Now, now, Lady Ike. No need to shout.", he spoke with amusement, almost laughing at the human's current state of shock. The Al Bhed felt weird being addressed to in such an honorific only meant for those not of her origin, her posture faltering slightly to have herself relax. It was then as she placed her foot on the ground to adjust her body straight and proper, Seymour had began to circle the maiden with his hands folded behind his back. He began to circle her like fiends do when observing their prey, her eyes narrowing slightly as she simply followed his gaze.

His smooth and calm voice broke the silence as he placed himself behind her, his breath brushing against her ear. A chill cascaded along Ike's spine, a sense of discomfort ebbing at her. "You are Lady Yuna's friend, correct? The one who helped aide her comrades in the Moonflow?", he inquired carefully. It was then green orbs burned straight into the wall before her, Ike's voice soft and yet lingering with a sense of confidence. Seymour did not move away from his close proximity to the blonde as she spoke, merely lingering there as if picking apart her words in the gears within his mind.

"And why do you care, sir?"

An amused smile to align his lips at such inquiry, his lips moving away from Ike's tan ears. "Are you well aware of what happened? Of what your friends did?", he spoke with emphasis on his eleventh word. The green orbs could only disappear behind shut eyelids, the maiden feeling a sense of dread flow through her system. There were many possibilities as to where this conversation could go, and Ike was not thrilled for any outcome that didn't involve her leaving this place. And even though the explorer didn't know the entire story of what could have possibly happened, she knew one thing for certain.

They attacked Seymour.

But for what cause? What purpose? There were so many questions Ike had that she wish she could ask them, and instead she's been left in the dark. There was just something about Seymour Guado that was cold, unforgiving, and poured a sense of unease into her. It was almost as if the room's very temperature changed when he walked in, having to clench her fist to deny her body the need to form goosebumps. With her head held high and her body never moving, the Al Bhed asked a question that seemed to make the Guado smile behind her.

[2] "Fryd rybbahat pylg drana?"

Seymour merely looked off past Ike into the distance, the smile stitched etched on his cold and tan skin. "Lady Ike, you'll have to speak more clearly.", he seethed behind his teeth, the smile still on his lips as his vision seemed to be reliving a memory. With a swift turn to look straight up at the Guado-human hybrid, Ike's brows furrowed as she frowned. "What happened to you?", she demanded.

A moment of silence passed by in a painfully rate. Seymour didn't dare to meet her gaze, causing the Al Bhed to speak up again.

"Do I really need to repeat myself to you?"

It was then Seymour gripped the woman by the shoulders abruptly, his purple eyes glimmering with a sense of malice as he loomed over her figure. Ike tried to break free but froze when the Summoner spoke down to her slowly, the smile on his face one of a twisted sneer. With a soft chuckle he leaned down to the young woman with a hardened gaze, her body completely immobilized by his grasp.

"Oh, Lady Ike... If only you knew what awaits you now."


[1] Al Bhed ;; "Seymour Guado... Lnywo bcolrubydrel Kiytu... Fuhtanvim.”
Translation ;; "Seymour Guado... Crazy psychopathic Guado... Wonderful."

[2] Al Bhed ;; "Fryd rybbahat pylg drana?"
Translation ;; "What happened back there?"
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ஐ Answers ஐ Seymour Guado ஐ
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