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 Kingdom Hearts :: Ophelia [ W.I.P ]

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Kingdom Hearts :: Ophelia [ W.I.P ] Empty
PostSubject: Kingdom Hearts :: Ophelia [ W.I.P ]   Kingdom Hearts :: Ophelia [ W.I.P ] Empty12/6/2017, 8:10 pm

Kingdom Hearts :: Ophelia [ W.I.P ] K0qr7bS

Name :: Ophelia

Meaning :: It simply means 'help'.

Gender :: Female

Age :: 25

Somebody or Nobody :: Somebody

Love Interest :: Axel

Homeworld ::

Kingdom Hearts :: Ophelia [ W.I.P ] 325px-Twilight_Town_Logo_KHCOM

Recently Sighted/Possible Whereabouts ::
Three Areas of Intel:

Affiliations :: N/A
[ * EX: Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, Organization XIII, etc. ]

Weapon :: Weeping Willow - A Shepherds Staff she uses to channel magic, it is a hand me down passed on from her parents. Decorated with feathers and beads, often it's easy to tell when she is around as the charms click together as she moves.

Accessory ::

Known Magic Spells::

  • Cure
  • Cura
  • Curaga
  • Reflect

Level 1 Stats
HP [ 50 to 120 ] :: 50 HP
MP [ 50 to 120 ] :: 30 MP

Level 99 Stats
HP [ 50 to 120 ] :: 110 HP
MP [ 20 to 90 ] :: 80 MP

Weakness :: Ophelia's main weakness is heat and fire. She is one of water and earth. As such, elements of her opposite often give her difficulty.

Build :: Support / Healing
[ * EX: Tank, Support, Defense, Offense, Healing, etc. ]

Personality :: A flower child who prefers the company of nature, Ophelia is a lonesome soul. It is not that she considers herself 'lonely'. Company is simply too troublesome for her to consider. She is an incredibly independent woman who empathizes deeply with others and as such, grows exhausted when around too many, too often.

She is meek and quiet, observant, yet patient. Despite her flaws, Ophelia fakes confidence well. She speaks openly, clearly, for those who wish to hear her. Often being one to come for advice or simply a shoulder to cry on, Ophelia is used to the usual complaints within the mundane world. Most of her advice comes from books she had read or lines that have meant something to her in the past. They are a comfort to her and so, she hopes they are a comfort to others.

Of course, Ophelia is not without flaws. She is one who self sacrifices for the greater good. She will take a fall so no one else has to. Ophelia will put others before herself to a point where it would be considered detrimental to her own well being. On top of it, Ophelia is more or less self aware of this flaw, actively tries to fight against it, yet often fails as the need to aid is far greater than her own well being.

Those close to her need to tread carefully, as in a dire situation, she may use herself to guard anothers life.

History :: Ophelia, a young woman who would rather pick flowers and commune with nature than fight, is a healer who resided in Twilight Town.

Appearance ::

Theme ::



W.I.P : WILL BE FINISHING UP SOONISH! I've got the trouble of I need to go to bed for work, I WEEP.
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Kingdom Hearts :: Ophelia [ W.I.P ]
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