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 ↕ Ļ σ v ε ↕ [ Original Work ]

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↕ Ļ σ v ε ↕ [ Original Work ] Empty
PostSubject: ↕ Ļ σ v ε ↕ [ Original Work ]   ↕ Ļ σ v ε ↕ [ Original Work ] Empty11/6/2017, 9:33 pm

* Originally written on August 24th, 2012.
* Updated/Reworked on June 11th, 2017.


↕ Ļ σ v ε ↕ [ Original Work ] GjI6dOo

* image source ;; sininferno

Staring into those eyes... you just couldn't lie any longer. Not to yourself, your feelings, to your heart, nor to them. You had everlasting love for that very person that was before you. Whether it be right there on that sidewalk or there in front of you, there was an emotion that ate at your heart like no other.

It was a love that no one could comprehend.

Such innocent and delicate love that you held so strongly for the ones deep in the caverns of your heart. Love: Something that creates a fiery sea of passion and blissful happiness for those who find it and make it last even beyond the bounds of eternity.

And yet...

Such a powerful, raw emotion causes war and hatred in many shapes and forms. This feeling known as love was complicated, profound, and yet captivating all at once. That one being in the world could not beckon to truly understand unless they have been in love themselves, falling into its trap that encases them in the lasting change of heart.

Love to a dear family member.

Love to a dear friend.

Love to that one person you cherish most.

The feeling that beckons you to speak from the bottom of your heart. Such a moving feeling to make you move your lips in a cold, fearful sweat, and envelop your arms around your dreams in a warm embrace to hopefully gain an answer back. Even if rejected, hurt, crushed, denied, one can still hold that innocent and yet corruptible love for that one thing in the dark world.

Even in the depths of sorrow and discomfort, one would be there for the other and take good care of them as if they were a part of a family.

It did not matter to someone such as you. This person who stood near your whole world had the ultimate power to change it with a few simple words; words that had the ability to brighten your realm or break it in two. You could only either accept such a resolve, or make that one special source see just how precious they were in a world filled with uncertainty.

What would your answer be to your own heart?

Would you give in to the depths of such a love?

Or would you let things go?


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↕ Ļ σ v ε ↕ [ Original Work ]
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