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 Kingdom Hearts :: Hotaru [ The Firefly ]

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PostSubject: Kingdom Hearts :: Hotaru [ The Firefly ]    11/6/2017, 12:04 am

* site used ;; DreamSelfy

Name :: Hotaru

Meaning :: Hotaru takes on the general, symbolic meaning of "firefly" or "lighting bug".

Gender :: Female

Age :: 19

Somebody or Nobody :: Somebody

Voice ::
Amanda Leighton (Reynn - World of Final Fantasy):

Last Known Location/Homeworld ::

Recently Sighted/Possible Whereabouts ::
Three Areas of Intel:

Affiliations :: N/A
[ * EX: Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, Organization XIII, etc. ]

Weapon :: Time Gear Cannon: A weapon made by Hotaru herself. It provides a boost in Strength but a decrease in Magic. Only deals one blast at a time.

Accessory :: Cracked Goggles: An accessory given to Hotaru long ago. It provides a boost in HP by 5+.

Known Magic Spells ::

  • Aero
  • Aerora
  • Aeroga

Level 1 Stats
HP [ 50 to 120 ] :: 55 HP
MP [ 50 to 120 ] :: 20 MP

Level 99 Stats
HP [ 50 to 120 ] :: 115 HP
MP [ 20 to 90 ] :: 65 MP

Weakness :: Hotaru's main weakness are electric based spells such as Thunder, Thundara, Thundaga, and Thundaja. Such spells send Hotaru flying back, and will temporarily stun her upon impact with the ground.

Build :: Tank
[ * EX: Tank, Support, Defense, Offense, Healing, etc. ]

Personality :: This pink haired maiden is an individual who always drifts away into her own world. One can always find Hotaru tinkering with any type of machinery, excited to show off whatever she invents. Albeit, the young woman doesn't always think about the possibility of her exploits failing on the spot when she tries them out, for her machinery has exploded in her face on multiple occasions. But if it gets a laugh out of people despite the hilarious (and disappointing) aftermath, Hotaru doesn't mind the embarrassment for the sake of making an individual smile.

In order to make lives better for her homeworld of Traverse Town, the woman constantly fixes machinery around the world, and finds it difficult to stay in one place for a long period of time. Since she's used to moving around a lot, Hotaru can be known to get a bit antsy after long periods of time just standing around, sitting, or laying down if not tired. However, if one gave her something to do, her anxious behavior can usually simmer down or not even surface as long as she's kept busy.

If one were to keep the pink haired tinkerer's attention long enough, they would find that she's just a young woman who can be a bit goofy, silly, and deliver painfully punny jokes when the opportunity arises. Although, due to the ever growing threat around the worlds, this goof does have her serious moments in dire times where turmoil and despair become a huge threat. In those moments, she's found to be a silent yet observant individual, offering little to speak of. And like everyone, Hotaru can only handle so much before everything figuratively collapses on her.

In emotional stages such as sadness or anger, she does her best to hide whatever negative amount she might be feeling behind jokes or silly comments on the situation. But Hotaru can sometimes just break down when she can't keep up the act anymore, simply lowering herself to the ground and letting all her emotions out after struggling to keep them bottled up. Overall, she does such a thing in consideration for other people's emotions around her, and wants to try her best to be a figure of support.

In the end... Hotaru still has a lot to learn about what it means to be strong, and what defines one person as strong.

History :: Having lived on the world of Traverse Town all her life, Hotaru adores and has memorized the world with her heart inside and out. Seeming to have fallen in love with the starry skies and intricate patterns that each ball of light created in the never ending night, the maiden always found herself staring up at the sky every night at least once. It was as the years passed that she was slowly introduced to the wonders of tinkering and machinery by her father, letting her slowly develop the skills that he possessed with excitement and joy.

However, as the years passed, one day the Heartless appeared.

Having been hidden in a large chest by her father, Hotaru was cast in a dark space. Specifically instructed to never move inside, she was to keep as silent as possible until he came back to find her.

But he never did.

It wasn't until the resident Moogles of Traverse Town opened the chest to find her shivering inside with fear, and realizing with time that her father was to never return to her in the worlds. After searching with the Moogles for days, they had come to terms that his heart had been most likely stolen by the Heartless. Hotaru was devastated and vowed to herself that she would carry on his wishes to invent great machinery just like he did. To hide the pain and sorrow that she would occasionally face due to her father's disappearance, the pink haired maiden would cast herself away to the confines of her workshop inside the bell tower in order to keep all the gears running.

As another measure to live with the pain, the tinkerer usually is goofy with everyone she meets. With a smile on her face and a spring in her step, she's always proud to show those she meets any kind of machine or invention she has with her at the time. On occasion, she cracks jokes in the form of puns and acts a bit silly to lighten any dark mood to the best of her ability. Although, there are circumstances where she understands that there are times where one has to be serious to make progress.

Struggling to improve and with her own emotions, Hotaru was one day failing in fixing the bell tower's gears, unable to figure out the problem. In her frustrations, the maiden boarded up the doorway to the bell itself until she figured out a way to fix the problem, having learned in the meantime that the Heartless were a threat still growing. It was by this point that she left Traverse Town behind with her Time Gear Cannon to figure out the cause of the Heartless' whereabouts... and to find her missing father that had been haunting her mind for years.

This young woman was seeking answers... and she won't return home without them.

Appearance :: Hotaru is a blossoming young adult who is at the final stages of her body's growth, standing at a final height of 5' 8" with a weight of 128 lbs. Her hair is a light shade of pink, messy and unkempt with it stretching to the back of her thighs. With a soft and dull shade of green for her eyes, one could swear there's a mix of pink in them if you looked close enough. Her skin is rather pale but bears a blood red, intricately designed tattoo stretching from her left shoulder to her elbow.

The maiden's clothing is made of soft cloth imbued with magic for protection and defense in battle, a red bottle strapped around her waist with her handmade corset to hold one single potion for emergencies. Black shorts are what Hotaru wears underneath with purple leggings that begin as a lighter violet color, and fade into a darker hue. Her flats on her feet follow the same color scheme, with outlines of gold, and bandages all wrapped up around her left leg with only a section wrapped on her calf on her right.

The final accessory Hotaru has are goggles that bear red and blue lenses, bestowed upon her long ago by someone dear to her. She mainly uses them whenever she is building a new gadget or device, or when running into battle head on with creatures of the darkness.

Theme ::
Moonlight Melody:


[ A note from Tink ;; Hotaru is now finished! I hope you enjoy reading through her profile! And if anyone would like to roleplay, don't ever hesitate to ask! I'll be happy to! For anyone who also wonders how long her search goes on, it can be anywhere stretching from the beginning of the first Kingdom Hearts all the way to Dream Drop Distance. Also, if you would like to use the same layout for a character sheet for Kingdom Hearts, go right on ahead! I hope you're having a nice day! And remember... "May your heart be your guiding key." ]


[center][img]Character image here![/img]

[b][i]* site used ;; [url=Link of site!][u]Name of site![/u][/url][/i][/b][/center]

[b]Name[/b] ::

[b]Meaning[/b] ::

[b]Gender[/b] ::

[b]Age[/b] ::

[b]Somebody or Nobody[/b] ::

[b]Voice[/b] :: [spoiler="Name of voice Actor/Actress / Name of Character - Source"]Insert Youtube link here![/spoiler]

[b]Last Known Location/Homeworld[/b] ::
[img]Link here![/img]

[b]Recently Sighted/Possible Whereabouts[/b] ::
[spoiler="Three Areas of Intel"][img]Link here![/img]
[img]Link here![/img]
[img]Link here![/img][/spoiler]

[b]Affiliations[/b] ::
[[i] * EX: Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee, Organization XIII, etc. [/i]]

[b]Weapon[/b] :: [u]Weapon name![/u]: Weapon description!

[b]Accessory[/b] :: [u]Accessory name![/u]: Accessory description!

[b]Known Magic Spells[/b] ::
[ * [i]Can be up to four![/i] ]

[b][u]Level 1 Stats[/u][/b]
[b]HP [ [i]50 to 120[/i] ][/b] ::
[b]MP [ [i]50 to 120[/i] ][/b] ::

[b][u]Level 99 Stats[/u][/b]
[b]HP [ [i]50 to 120[/i] ][/b] ::
[b]MP [ [i]20 to 90[/i] ][/b] ::

[b]Weakness[/b] ::

[b]Build[/b] ::
[ [i]* EX: Tank, Support, Defense, Offense, Healing, etc.[/i] ]

[b]Personality[/b] ::

[b]History[/b] ::

[b]Appearance[/b] ::

[b]Theme[/b] :: [spoiler="Song name here!"]Youtube link here![/spoiler]

Sites Used & References

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom Hearts :: Hotaru [ The Firefly ]    12/6/2017, 6:05 pm

IF I CAN RE-WORK MY CHARACTER, I would love to rp something Kingdom Hearts, Miyu~. We can plot onward if you'd like sometime!

Second thing second, don't you tell me what you think that I can be.

I'm the one at the sail, I'm the master of my sea.
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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom Hearts :: Hotaru [ The Firefly ]    12/6/2017, 6:59 pm

Pascal wrote:
IF I CAN RE-WORK MY CHARACTER, I would love to rp something Kingdom Hearts, Miyu~. We can plot onward if you'd like sometime!

OH, TAKE YOUR TIME! I'm always here to help if you need it, and I would love to roleplay some Kingdom Hearts with you, Oki~! Whenever you're free, I'm always happy to plot onward!

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PostSubject: Re: Kingdom Hearts :: Hotaru [ The Firefly ]    

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Kingdom Hearts :: Hotaru [ The Firefly ]
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