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 Fickle Things [ Persona 5 Protagonist / "Joker" ]

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PostSubject: Fickle Things [ Persona 5 Protagonist / "Joker" ]   Fickle Things [ Persona 5 Protagonist / "Joker" ] Empty8/6/2017, 11:09 pm

Fickle Things [ Persona 5 Protagonist / "Joker" ] Tumblr_oo7w306y2K1w9nbdmo2_250

* image source ;; kinkzoid

Cold droplets of it tickled your exposed skin as you ran through the busy streets of Shibuya, taking care to avoid any individuals that may have been a hazard in your path. Despite the risk of your damp feet giving way underneath you because of your choice of footwear combined with the slippery streets, you had enough experience within you by now to avoid such a risk with finesse. It was vital that you kept such skills sharp for that was what you lived for in these new, coming days of your changed life.

You are a trickster.

A thief lurking within the shadows of the world, watching people from afar in both a world of reality and one that many would believe to exist only in fiction. You had arrived at this destination of your life by chance after having been mixed up in a purely accidental matter, dragged into a world known as the Metaverse by those you had suspected of suspicious activity. What was once your daily life as a normal student in your third year was changed into a routine that seemed to only exist in luxurious movies... until now.

You had met the group rising in fame known as 'The Phantom Thieves of Hearts' upon being dragged into that tension filled world, and whether they had appreciated your curiosity or not, you were now involved in these heists that would cause even the lowliest scum of the world to have changes in heart. Despite it all being a pure misunderstanding because of your hasty decisions, you didn't regret your curiosity when you had overheard them long ago within the train station area by the windows that gave an overhead view of the crowd below in the outside world.

And now you found yourself in a similar position again, having been called here along with the others by the leader of your group. He sure was a peculiar boy that piqued your curiosity to new heights, especially since he wanted a meeting while it was pouring down rain. However, you estimated it was because it was most likely that less people would be around than the usual amount that crowded this large area nearly to the brim day to day. With your feet tapping at the steps that led up to the meeting spot, your wet and damp [ hair color ] locks stuck to your soaked casual clothing. Ignoring the snicker directed at you by a certain, rebellious blond, you simply settled yourself against the iron bars that everyone else was leaning up against.

Most of them looked relatively dry save for you and poor Morgana who was shaking away whatever droplets of cold rain he had left on his black fur. "Alright, now that we're all here, what is it that you wanted to talk about?", Ann queried with a tone of slight annoyance. You knew she had her off days where her sass would seep through to even you all, but Ryuji always retorted back with the same comment of, "She's always been like that since middle school". However, you didn't even need to look the model's way to know that she too was a bit irritated at having to walk in the pouring rain even with an umbrella keeping whatever it could at bay.

Your leader seemed to look among those present and declared that a meeting would be held to discuss your more recent, successful endeavor against your most recent fool that was forced into a change of heart. Morgana seemed much more chipper than usual in discussing the matter as for him it always meant as you all being one step closer to helping him uncover the truth of who he was. You couldn't imagine how much it must be eating away at him on a daily basis but you dare didn't pry into such a delicate and emotional matter. Whenever he wanted to divulge any emotional or important information with you all, he would without a sliver of hesitation.

The meeting also delved into other subjects and topics as well, you all discussing the possibilities of what the next Palace would be like along with if there were any news about any important figures lately. However, how could one find a Palace of distorted desires without its master? In any case, despite the dubious searching the group made, there was nothing but small leads to go on. Yet that seemed to be enough for most of you as eventually, the meeting was adjourned by the leader. The second year student had decided that today wasn't a day to go to the Metaverse or Mementos. Everyone began to go their separate ways, melding in with the small groups of people walking by to reach their destination.

However, your gaze shifted to the window panes as rain pattered against the glass. Unbeknownst to you, a pair of dark gray eyes were observing you with gentle interest. The reflection of your damp figure in his eyes were glazed over his orbs, and Morgana looked up at the leader with a mischievous air to him. It seemed the creature had an idea for he jumped up along the daydreamer with ease, propping himself steadily on his shoulder to whisper in his ear. "I don't know about you but this is as good a chance as any to make a move, you know!", and before the boy could react, Morgana slithered himself into the comfort of his bag with a snicker before his gaze returned to your form. It only took a moment for you to notice such a mysterious pair of eyes heavily focusing on you. With a turn of your head you uttered a sound of curiosity, gaining your leader's undivided attention with a gentle smile.

"Is there something wrong?"

With a moment of silence passing by for you, it seemed to feel like an eternity's worth for the younger boy. What was he supposed to say to you? This was his moment to construct the staircase to the confession of his feelings, so it was with usual poker face that he constructed his course of action. As time seemed to move forward once more, a navy blue umbrella suddenly popped open as he began to make his way to your side. Holding it over his head and yours, you could only find yourself taking in his every move as he was close to your form. Taking off his casual blazer that he always seemed to wear on his days off, you stood still as he draped it over your cold shoulders as a mean to provide you with warmth. "You came without an umbrella... I'll walk you home.", he softly mumbled to you, his eyes gazing right into your pair of [ eye color ] orbs with a soft emotion you couldn't quite pinpoint yourself.

And yet your own emotions were out of tune, your heart fluttering from his kind gesture as a tint of red dusted along your cheeks. "Y-You don't have to do such a thing. I know your guardian must be waiting for you back at your place. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble.", you stated with a stutter. However, upon a soft sound coming from the leader right at your side, all you could do was shift your gaze up to him to take in that warm smile he was giving you. "No... I want to, [ Name ].", he whispered to you quietly before beginning to take a few steps ahead of you, only stopping so that you could regain control of your feet as you began to stroll by his side under the umbrella you two were sharing.

You never would have found yourself walking home with this boy... Despite how he was younger than you and much more quiet, there was something about him that was steadily and slowly changing. You began to notice that as he was growing with the passing days, his features were molding into something... unfamiliar. His personality was steadily making itself known to you as he saw you more and more, pulling you in as your curiosity just couldn't help but resist his mysterious nature. It was on this rainy day that you stole a glance at your leader and felt your cheeks grow warm, quickly returning your attention to the road ahead of you both.

You felt your bond with him growing stronger.


[ A note from Tink ;; This story is from my Quotev account! I hope you enjoyed it! ]
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Fickle Things [ Persona 5 Protagonist / "Joker" ]
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