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 Fate of the Dreamers [ Sora ]

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PostSubject: Fate of the Dreamers [ Sora ]   Fate of the Dreamers [ Sora ] Empty8/6/2017, 10:03 pm

Fate of the Dreamers [ Sora ] Tumblr_msninglN4r1sax51so8_100

* image source ;; Srta. Overfly

This was a world that had just begun.

You were one of three beings that burst forth into existence from a legendary entity that was, at the time, unbeknownst to you. You were existing in an age that would be forever lost to time in the depths of the future; a mystery to any and all living things that would exist way beyond your mysterious existence trapped in between the realms of light and dark. You were birthed into the abyss of the unknown with a weapon that resembled a shield forged from elements that were well beyond your very understanding, floating there in front of you as you emerged from a platform of stained glass bathed in orbs of light. Yet the mysterious weapon's design on the front would predict a future that wasn't nearly taking its course; not yet. The shield's symbol carved into its metal cover was a very symbolic head with round circles. And although you were still learning the ways of your body, you felt large amounts of warmth course through your very being as you bore the shield in your grasp.

The two other Somebodies that came into existence right with you wielded weapons that carried a similar design in different aspects, yet you each could feel the same overwhelming warmth coursing through your bodies all at once when you grasped each weapon close to yourselves. It wasn't long in your own rights that you began to receive the names of each and every detail that began to make itself known in your realm, a silent and yet familiar voice speaking into your heart to bestow knowledge upon you and the other two. Your weapons were that of a power that would only exist in an aspect called 'Dreams', and you each were formed from a mixture of light and darkness from a door that was named 'Kingdom Hearts'.

The comforting and soothing voice told you that each of you were there as the beginning to aide a long line of warriors that would bestow the strengths and weaknesses of your weapons, gifting them with the powers to conquer the darkness and protect the light. You each existed as a symbol of each Dream Weapon and would lend your power to help guide those through their trails and their successes, their failures and their darkness. Despite the voice having no sound and no presence, you each could feel each uttered syllable through the depths of your hearts, and it was then that each of you understood your purpose for existing.

You each would be the safeguards for the warriors of the future and work hand in hand to help push them forward in their journeys.

You would protect and aide any kind of Keyblade Wielder.

And it was then that a powerful urge to sleep consumed the three of you, and you each were laid to rest inside your own respective Stations of Awakenings that resembled the very states of your own hearts. It was then that time was born into existence and began to move forward for each realm that breathed life, events occurring that would shatter the very foundation of history and moments that were born out of the age of fairy tales. With each warrior that was tested through the stations, you would feel when your powers were taken or not at all. There were times where you were left undisturbed and others where your abilities were sought after without hesitation. It was in those times that those who sought your power listened to that silent voice that would guide them, and yet reverberated through your lasting slumber to address you as well.

"The power of the guardian. Kindness to aid friends. A shield to repel all."

You were the guardian. You would act as a line of defense for each wielder to different extremities depending on what they chose for your abilities (if at all). The cycle continued on for millions of bearers that would come and go. There was even a time that arrived where your very creator seemed to ache tremendously, for you and the others did as well as you lay in slumber in your stations. It was as if you all felt the same things overwhelming your auditory senses, a pain that caused a stream of tears to pour from your very eyes as you felt your powers return to you in one fell wave that resembled the strength of oceans. It was as if a million souls and more all flickered out at once. It wasn't until then that you all learned with time that no more key bearers were returning as often as they used to.

It was as if they all deteriorated into nothing.

Then there was a moment...

A single moment where you alone were being lifted from within your hidden station and bathed in a ray of light. The silent voice that you felt like you hadn't experienced in centuries caressed your stirring heart soothingly as you began to awaken from your timely slumber. "Don't be afraid. You are the one who will guard the light." It comforted you as you fluttered your eyes open, beginning to notice that you weren't halting in your ascent towards the light. You were leaving your two siblings still left in eternal slumber as confusion began to take over you. Your vibrant [eye color] orbs gazed up into the strange land that was beginning to come into your view, the inky black darkness that was your world shattering away like shards of broken glass as you found yourself floating through a sea of blue and fluffs of white littering the sky.

Your [skin tone] hand grazed against the strange creations floating in the sky and it was only then you had noticed that your weapon was with you once more. It was a feeling you were more than happy to have upon feeling it in your grasp, but you were beginning to miss the familiar faces that were your siblings trapped in their stations already. Seeming to sense your emotions without so much as an effort, the voice that was your creator bathed your heart in a light warmth that flowed through your entire body. "Magic and strength will begin anew in time.", was all it told you. But it was more than enough to know those closest to you would awaken eventually.

"Protect the light."

And with those final words you were forced into a world of sleep once more, your body roaming above the waves of the ocean with its reflection distorted by the many rippling waves and tides moving back and forth. You were then beginning to slow down in your glide across the small world, your figure slowly descending down to safety upon the warm sand of a beach on a lonely island in the middle of the ocean. You wouldn't awaken even when a certain being would loom over your shadow in concern, their voice trying to reach you but not seeming to seep into your eardrums. It was then the figure got down onto one knee and rest a hand along your shoulder, their blue eyes shining.

Their tan skin and brown, spiky hair meshed well together in unison while their voice was that of a childish yet energetic soul beaming through any worry or fear in the worlds. Even though you could not hear or sense a thing physically, your heart was sensing this powerful light from whatever the source may have been.

And yet...

Something was amiss.

It was then you began to stir as the voice's muffled words began to finally reach you. Your soft eyes began to slowly open to see the first thing was in your vision.

It was the source of the powerful light you were feeling.

The boy seemed to sigh down at you in what appeared to be relief, his hand still on your shoulder. "Oh, phew! You're alright. I thought something was wrong!" His ocean blue eyes seemed to convey his very emotions that he was experiencing at the very moment and yet there was the faintest hint of red among his cheeks. With a soft grunt in pain you shut your eyes as your sensory input began to become overloaded, finally beginning to experience the warmth of the sand stinging at your body and the cold touch of the waves swinging back and forth underneath your wet feet. It was with your audible sound of pain that the boy's concern grew to a newer height, and he rest both of his hands on your shoulders.

"H-Hey, are you okay? Just calm down! It's okay! You're safe!"

You opened your eyes barely to register what the boy was saying above you. You could tell he was one of the many hearts you were meant to be protecting, and you found the strength to give birth to the voice you adorned in this strange and yet comforting realm that you found yourself thrust into existence in. You had so many questions and concerns regarding where you were, what happened in history, what was the state of the realm... However, you just settled with the only one that made the most sense to you in this moment.

"Who... are you?"

It was then the boy looked down at you in a small moment of surprise before smiling, helping you up off the sandy ground beneath you. For a moment you had lost your balance, your knees giving way, but the boy had caught your arms and allowed you to use them as support. Upon looking up at him you felt a sense of camaraderie emanating from him, and kindness unlike any that you have experienced so far.

"I'm Sora."


[ A note from Tink ;; This story is from my Quotev account! I hope you enjoyed it! ]
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Fate of the Dreamers [ Sora ]
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